RotaMASS Total Insight 

“Better Measurement for Better Process Management”

These flowmeters use the box-in-box structure, which is less subject to external vibration and distortion, and can accurately measure mass flow even at low flow rate with an excellent zero stability. It can also simultaneously measure density accurately as well as mass f low.


A Coriolis flowmeter can directly measure mass flow of fluid regardless of its temperature and pressure. The ROTAMASS 3 series meters have such unique features as fast signal processing, anti-vibration mechanism, and high accuracy density measurement.


Features :

  1.  Proven and Reliable Design
  2. High accuracy and high stability over a wide range
  3.  Best Installed Accuracy
  4.  Customized Solutions
  5.  Suitable for Multiple Applications
  6.  Wide temperature range -200 deg C to 350 deg C



  •          Refined digital signal processing enables accurate and stable measurement
  •         Simple flow path means self-draining, food capable and simple to clean
  •          High accuracy and high stability over a wide range
  •         Accurate density measurement, up to +/- 1 g/l
  •          Accurate  Temperature = ± 0,5°C (at 20°C)
  •          Two analog outputs, 2 pulse outputs or status-out and one status-in as standard I/O
  •          Available in Explosion Proof versions
  •          Wide temperature range -200 deg C to 350 deg C
  •          Microprocessor-based multifunction capability
  •          EEPROM protects parameter settings and totalized values
  •          During power failure of any duration
  •          High visibly LCD display
  •          HART communication function
  •          Intrinsically safe outputs as an option
  •          Several tube materials available
  •          EN or ANSI flanges as standard
  •          Measuring range up to 600 t / h


Key Features

  • Box in Box system
  • DNV-GL Approved
  • Field proven through 1000's of onboard installations
  • Extremely reliable

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