Here you can find a wide selection of safety valves for almost all sizes, pressure steps, materials, connections and for many different media.

Strainers / filters in T and Y design both with simplex and duplex filters. The product program includes curve filters, self-cleaning filters, motor or manual controls

Ball valves in many different materials, pressure steps and sizes. For several media and temperatures. Manual or actuator (electric, pneumatic or hydraulic) operated

Positions and air regulator. There is a large selection of fittings so that the positions can be adapted to existing valves, including valves from other suppliers

Wafer check valves. Small in size and low in weight. Closes at very low back pressure.

double eccentric, softening, PTFE seat with or without coating and flue gas damper. Various variations e.g. wafer, lug and double flange

Delivery of bunker using volume based measurements e.g. sounding can become imprecise because many factors come into play when calculating the mass. Since fuel costs constitute between 50-70% of ship’s total operating costs even small differences in fuel quantity can become large costs for ship-owners and operators. Insatech has developed Bunker Management Systems, based on the Coriolis mass flow meter, for both vessel and bunker barge that always ensures that the right quality and quantity is received or delivered. We also deliver a Bunker Blending solution that ensures delivery of bunker at any viscosity using the minimum but correct amount of gas oil.

The engine room is at the core of any vessel. Insatech delivers several different components and solutions for the engine room that assures the engine is running optimally. Our Fuel Consumption System gives you insight into your engine and generator fuel consumption. With this real-time monitoring you will be able to understand which factors influence your ship’s fuel efficiency and what changes affects it – meaning fuel savings. Our Performance Monitoring System will help you gain insight into your engine performance by measuring torque and thrust as well as fuel consumption. We also sell calibration tools for most equipment onboard your vessel.

There is a growing focus on emissions especially from ships as they are considered a significant source of e.g. air and water pollution. In order to meet requirements and regulations from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Insatech sells and develops solutions that help you document and bring down emissions. For example we have ODME and Bilge Alarm solutions that help you detect oil in discharge water and sending it to the slop tanks, while documenting legal emissions. We also have the Sulfur in Fuel Oil Analyzer and S3 Smart Sulfur Switch that helps you detect and document the sulfur content in your fuel oil.

Effective machinery and oil condition monitoring provide the end user with the ability to predict breakdown and eliminate or reduce the associated cost of failure.

Insatech marine instruments

Here we can provide you with all calibration solutions such as (Temperature, Pressure, Weight …..etc) . Aslo we have the Torque measurement system to prevent your ship from breakdown cost. The flowmeters and vibrations sensors are very important to provide you with accurate measuring .