Data Driven Performance Optimisation
At Team Tankers International thorough management of each voyage is a prerequisite for being able to stay competitive in a market that is increasingly difficult to navigate. To improve decision making between ship and shore, Team Tankers International have invested in Insatech Marine’s Performance Monitoring System.
The Performance Monitoring System gathers data about the ship’s performance e.g. fuel consumption on a consumer level, torque, thrust and power use as well as data about sailing conditions like wind and depth. The data is then used to calculate KPIs which gives the captains an idea about how they are performing, and the data is also sent to shore, where it can be used proactively by managers to help optimise performance and meet targets.

The Cornerstone of Performance Optimisation Success: Crew Awareness.
According to Technical Project Manager Henrik Marloth the perks of viewing performance data in real time is that: "We are able to operate our ships more efficiently. It’s a valuable tool which the crew has really adopted. One of our captains called it liberating to always know how the vessel was performing against the KPIs." He stresses that their success with the system and data utility is grounded in crew awareness and education. "The goal is to be able to optimise our performance in real time – and we are convinced that we will be able to do so with the Performance Monitoring System".

Annual Savings via Testing and Verification of Pilot Projects
Having created a baseline, Team Tankers International have begun testing sailing conditions, such as trim and draught and found ways to improve. "Currentlywe are evaluating high end antifouling products on our hull and propeller coating." The goal is to verify that the products are complying with the manufacturer’s specifications. Furthermore, a reduction in hull cleaning and propeller polishing is expected.

Based on the initial experience with the performance system Henrik Marloth concludes that: "We expect to cut down our total fuel consumption with 3-5% per ship/year, but that is probably a little conservative."

About the Partnership
Team Tankers International is a worldwide chemical carrier with 43 vessels lifting 9.1 million tons of cargo in 2014. They are present in 7 offices around the world for the benefit of customers and vessels alike. Team Tankers International partnered up with Insatech Marine in the spring of 2015 to develop their current Performance Monitoring System which is running on 7 vessels and currently being installed on 3 more, with more to come.

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